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About Us

About UsIncorporated in 1997, the company has grown to it’s current size and turnover of approximately £6m. The growth has been managed so as not over stretch the company and to maintain levels of service that attract repeat business.

All our projects are well managed with a contract engineer appointed at the start to ensure we work with our clients at all stages of the project to achieve our common goal.

Our success can be attributed to the service we have provided on previously completed projects, based on the following values:

We Will:

  1. Treat Health & Safety as of paramount importance.
  2. Have only staff that work directly to and are vetted by the company – we do not use agency labour.
  3. Do everything we agree to do and is expected from us, this refers to even the most basic tasks such as returning calls.
  4. Pay all our suppliers on time, this way we can ensure the very best service, which we regard as an essential part of providing our service.

We Won't:

  1. Rely on finance from outside parties. Our premises, vehicles plant.. etc are all owned by the company and we do not use overdrafts. This way our clients can be confident of our ability to finance a project from start to finish.
  2. Take on any project that we are not 100% committed to, or in anyway feel we can't achieve.
  3. Undertake repeat business from anyone that does not settle their accounts within a reasonable time.
  4. Carry out installations to poor standards.